I'm Akshansh, a developer and a life-long student.

I started my coding journey in college, subsequently working as a freelance developer. I've worked internships and part-times, and with clients to oversee sprints and shipped experiences from envisioning through to launch.

I enjoy challenges and solving business and user problems by interfacing digital products. I want to spend my time developing solutions to make measureable differences in the lives of others.

Certifications & Badges

(Q2 2020) Employee Recognition Program - to recognise the contribution of those who walk the extra mile and exceed expectations to deliver an extraordinary performance.

Acknowledgement for outstanding performance and lasting contribution by the junior most member of the technology team.

After a rigorous 8-hour certification test, and an exit interview later, I became the 2690th person in the world to clear the Google-certified Associate Android Developer examination, sponsored by Google.

Received the Associate Android Developer Badge to accompany the certificate.

Worked on 8 different apps over the course of around 4 months, including a capstone project, after being selected as one of the 350 students, completely sponsored by Google.

Stood 3rd in the 1st Knowledge Hunt challenge where we had to watch a set of course material, complete coding an application and answer questions based on it.

Won the 2nd Project Completion Challenge, where we had to complete our project and showcase it on various social media channels.

Underwent a 3-month challenge course, competing with 15K students from all over India to be chosen as one of the 350 students to receive the complete access to the Android Developer Nanodegree.